A Superior Education Grounded in Christian Values

Our Mission


Cheverus School is a superior Catholic School, grounded in Christian values. Our school community recognizes diversity and respects the dignity and uniqueness of each student. With a faith-based curriculum, our students achieve academic excellence, develop social skills, nurture their spiritual life, and become valuable citizens of our country.


Cheverus Catholic is, just as the name implies, a Catholic school. If it were not for that very important distinguishing feature, there wouldn’t be much reason for our school to exist. From its inception, the tenets of the Catholic faith and its values have been imparted in a spirit consistent with the mission of the Sisters of Providence, who originally staffed Cheverus. To this present day, we continue to instill in all of our community the works of love, mercy and justice which are an integral part of the charism of the Sisters.

We expect that our students will serve as beacons of light in the greater community by daily living out the values of the Gospel. We strive to accomplish this within a close-knit family atmosphere where we come to know and love God, self, and one another. To this end, we draw on the motto of Bishop Cheverus, “Diligamus Nos Invicem”- Let Us Love One Another.

Consistent with the motto of our Patron and the mission of the Sisters of Providence we have chosen as a theme for this year, “They will know us by our love.” This comes from the Gospel of John, 13:35, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

To this end;
There are religion classes dedicated to the education of our students in the Catholic faith
We teach a healthy respect for students and families of all faith backgrounds
We engage in student-led daily prayer
We provide service opportunities for our students in response to the corporeal and spiritual works of mercy
We attend Mass on first Fridays and Holy Days
There are para-liturgical prayer services at various times throughout the school year

“Within these brick walls, character and moral values are built and reinforced, brick by brick, within each student, each and every day, and for that we are forever grateful.”…

Kathy and Bob Sullivan (Daughters Erin ’07 and Alicia ’06)


all-day Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday
Mar 1 all-day
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all-day St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 17 all-day
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all-day St. Joseph’s Day
St. Joseph’s Day
Mar 19 all-day
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all-day Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Apr 9 all-day
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all-day Maundy (Holy) Thursday
Maundy (Holy) Thursday
Apr 13 all-day
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